It All Started With One Pluck

...when I was 13. I was lying down on my friend in the way 13 year olds do. I was in a trance. Calm and relaxed in my teenage skin. My friend was playing with my hair. I felt a very enjoyable sensation on my scalp while I was in this state. Like a tingling. I enjoyed it for about ten minutes. I finally asked; what is that magical thing you are doing? She replied 'I am pulling your hair out'. I immediately shot up and exclaimed 'what? How? That felt really nice!'. I told her not to touch my hair again. However, I wanted to feel it again. I started doing it when I was alone in my room. It gave me that tingling feeling again; and I did it more and more. Eventually, there was a bald spot on the top of my head. I concealed it with eye shadow ... however, then there were more obvious side effects. The mullet. Eventually it became obvious where the hair had been pulled as I appeared to look like a member of the bay city rollers. A huge mullet was now growing out of the top of my head. I turned to my friend and said; look what you did! She simply replied 'I didn't do THAT'. I think she knew she had passed on this horrible affliction on to me. That was 11 years ago. I still struggle with this disorder until this day. I still suffer from bald patches and thinning hair.
I hope some day I can have a full head of hair again.
flowerc flowerc
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012