I Dont Know Why It Hurts So Much....

Hello everyone.   I am new here and not really sure how all of this works.  Honestly I am not even sure why I am here.


Anyway I was in a relationship with this girl.   We met a while back on face book when her and I had a common friend from high school.  I am not sure why she started sending me messages but I figured it would be impolite to not reply back.  The next thing I know were talking by instant message every day.  Then before I knew it I asked her for her phone number and she gave it to me.  Luckily our cell phones were free long distance.   So months go by and we still didn't meet but I find myself always looking forward to coming home and turning on my computer to find a message from her. 

Then I started getting cold feet.  I was wondering what kind of a future I could have had for her.  I was wondering why it was so easy to connect with her but in such a big city I am not able to find anyone.  So I grew more distant.   And in turn so did she. 

And now its over...

And I miss her.....

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

thanks for your encouragement. Maybe she is with someone else now. Really though I think I just need a fresh start.

Well I think you should re - send a friends request and get in touch with her again, I think everyone gets cold feet when it comes to meeting people on the net, but I met the most wonderful and funny guy through a friend of a friend on facebook and don't regret making contact, life is too short to cut people out of your life, just share with her the misgivings you had and tell her it wasn't about her, it was about you. Go for it !!!!!