I Miss Her

Maybe it's because its Friday night?   Seems to me just like yesterday her and I were spending our Friday nights talking the night away with each other.  I foolishly tried in vain today to contact her again and tell her that.  The reply I got was its over and its to late for such apologies.  So this is the part of the dream where I wake up pondering what I remember of the dream.  Of course in this dream its somewhat painful waking up realizing I am here in reality.  Do dreams come true though I wonder? 

mynameisbrokenheart mynameisbrokenheart
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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Everyone is different. It's so hard to generalise. My experience online has only ever been positive. Being open and honest with each other is paramount of course. If someone betrays you - it really doesn't mean that everyone else will. There are good people out there ... keep looking. Like emrld, I am blessed.

online realationships never work. at laest mine haven't. they all ended up trying to have cyber sex with me.

I know the feeling I was involved with a girl over seas and I love her so much... I still do but things just got complicated and well it ended now she is with someone closer to her and I am with someone but I still long for her... my nephew is comming over and he use to cam with her all the time... (it was the only time he would sit still) I wanna get ahold of her and webcam with her just like old times I miss her so much. I am sorry you feel this way I know it is a hard feeling