I Tried Anal

It was last night and my new lover wanted to try it, I was really nervous, but he got me really hot, then worked a finger in, then two, finally he lubed up his penis and eased it in.  It was uncomfortable,  it was different, but I didn't ****** until I played with my ****, but I did discover I could feel him ******* in me more than in my vagina.  Not something I want to do much but willing to try again maybe.

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8 Responses Jan 28, 2010

So, have you tried it again & if so, how was it?
Anal sex causes the most powerful ******* for the women who are into it. My wife would attest to that. But to do it right the first time takes lots of patience & lots of lube.
I have posted stories of her anal initiation.

Hey I think your stories are awesome and would like to communicate with you more and share the thoughts. would love to be close friends and enjoy each other

I have heard it descibed as "it hurts so good"

Its easiest to get started in a spooning position letting you control<br />
The pace my wife got used to it and **** harder that way than vaginaly

I have known ladies who perfer anal over any thing eles . They may need vaginal stimulation also to get off .It can be a very hot turn on .

I also think it is a learned pleasure, for a woman and for a man. Keep allowing it/trying it now and then and see how your response develops!

Deedee, it really can become an incredible turn on. It's not everyday that i get it there, but I do ask for it because it is different and fulfilling.

My wife has the same opinion. Ok for once in a while just to switch things up. I think the key is to make sure you have, or for the guy make sure she has, an ****** vaginally before going back there because once you go there you can't go back without cleaning up.