I Tried And Failed Severl Times

When i got devorced for few years ago i started to go out and haveing fun but that stoped when the friend that couldnt see me hurt no more told me to take a hike yes i cried and other **** around them but i tried to keep it under to keep it under control. But everytime thay would bring her name up or we go to a place i went with her i lose it and go crasy i have tried a few anti depresson drugs but thay didnt work for me. Turns out he only wanted to be firends with me because i had the money bu when the devorce went thrugh thay didnt want any part of me. So i got new friends now but everyday it seems that i have to cover bills and aother crap for them leaving me in more and more debt my self i dont eat every day because of that and make to much to get food stamps is thease friend just using me again or am i just to blind to see whats happen in beacuse im alone and lost and just want to be wanted again

ddayton85 ddayton85
31-35, M
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

true friends are the ones that ur heart saids are there for u n that listen. if u have put out money for others then stop it and start look at ur lifestyle .