My Friend My Enemy

I was actually mistakenly introduced to  meth, What I was doing. One night a friend of mine wanted to go to the casino, She lives near to the casino.Pechaunga Casino.Before we left I wanted to get some weed. I did and we drove down a dark alley to smoke it I took three hits and passed it back to her she did three hits and passed it back to me by this time I was blazed because i inhaled and held o to the smoke, The next min I look at her she has a glass pipe with a hole in it . She inhales and whit smoke comes out, She said its called speddballing so I decided to try it, bad decision I  became so talkitive and honest, I ran arouund the casino just wasting money, We  stayed 4 like 14 hr i coulldnt drive so she did. We had to pull over twice because i was throwing  up some green vial, Grant it I was anorexic and hadnt eaten all day, That was 2010. 2011 Iwas more int pain medicine, but 2012 is all about that white dragon, I dot know to get any im literally dying without it. I live in northern FL now but im thinking about moving to cali, I wake breath eat sleep meth . I just gotta c that white  smoke, I live in northern Florida. What do i do.
lildjtaz lildjtaz
May 17, 2012