its the most amazing drug thats ever entered this world. My first time was very different to the last time i did it. i've been on e for four weeks or so. my first time, was at my best friends. she didn't do it, but i did with a few other people who i trust and who have been on it longer than i have. i talked so much, i cuddled, i listened to my ipod, i sweat which made me roll harder. i was up until seven am. i watched amazing lights. but i deaf didn't face as hard as i did last friday. i kept doing it and it was the best. but friday, was the best time of my life. i rolled with all guys, but i knew them all obviously and with a girlfriend but she wasent rolling. i was so messed up. i let my friend punch me in the arm and it didn't hurt but i ended up with a big bruise two days later. i was hugging everyone. i was drinking water non stop. i took many bumps. we had glow sticks, we broke them and threw them on the wall. we were in a ******* galaxy. we had mad lights, and a big lazar that made you loose control of your eyes. we listened to mad techno. i always had my hands on my face cus i thought it was falling off. i can control myself when i'm on it. so can my friends. two of them said they would make sure i didn't have sex even though i know i could control it. i was a lil flirt with every one basically. but i still didn't end up hooking up with anyone. i had a binke too. we passed two around, and the other one broke because my friend ripped it from sucking on it lol. i usually have mad gum on me when rolling. but people robbed it all from me. but its okay. i was so desperate for gum i took my friends who was already chewing on it. usually i don't do that. that same night before i was rolling, i was crying because i really needed to roll. which proves that i'm quite addicted. saturday night i got snitched on. and now i'm grounded for a long time. i'm also going to rehab possibly. but i love that stuff so much. but i am only fourteen. but i'm good(: you should try it, just not at fourteen or if you freak a lot. oh and that **** made me stop smoking weed. even though i do smoke when i'm rolling. but i love rolling face n taking that molly.
bbygrlbro0ke bbygrlbro0ke
13-15, F
Mar 4, 2010