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I tried Face-book and rlly enjoyed it for several months. My church is rlly active on Fb, and Chapman University, where many my friends go, is, too. Every-time I went on FB and couldn't help it but to send friend's requests to ppl who I had things in common with. Some I knew well, others were a "friends of friends" type deal. I guess ppl didn't appreciate that and started complaining to site administration. After, a while I received notices on screen, apparently telling me to slow down my requests. These warnings were never very direct, tho. The site administration wasn't helpful. In the requests regard, I do something very similar every time I'm on ep. Why else would people join social networking sites in the first place????? My Fb account was suspended for a week, because of my adding friends activity. That's what I was told when I contacted FB administration, anyway. Still not sure that makes much sense. I got my account back, and continued having fun. Then a few after the suspension, the same issue came up again. How I can be careful with something I know nothing about???? Eventually, my account was sadly, suspended for good. Luckily, my close friends locally from FB, I've added on Yahoo and we will hopefully chat there.
Shortly, FB made me give up using it, I really luckily, and quite randomly came across ep. I was impressed at the variety of the experiences groups, stories, etc. It was a sad end to my FB use. I think things have worked out well, tho!! I love ep, and I don't have time to use both. Does anyone know if EP has a friends limit like FB does??? Even when I got kickoff from FB, the administration wasn't very forthcoming in their reasoning.
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this on fb? I would appreciate comments/ suggestions you( general) might have.
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Guess having a limit about how many "friends" 1 can have on fb 4 safety reasons isn't a bad idea, but it needs to be much known and publicized than it was when this issue developed. Isn't having tons of "friends" a main part of social networking sites? Guess I should have been more careful, but sending requests is fun to me and I love getting to know/ meet new ppl. U have a good point! Glad ep staff realzes the more, the better (in almost everything included). Appreciate both the quick comment and the rate up! Very kind! BTW, I like your user name a lot and cute pic. No offense!

I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. Facebook as a social networking site is just stupid with this kind of problem. I could understand reporting someone for spamming or stalking you but for trying to add a friend??? That sort of beats the point of using Facebook which is why I stopped.

I don't know if people just didn't remember me or didn't appreciate me trying to add them as friends but I got a notification that I couldn't add friends for a time too and I didn't even add that many people, they were people I did know at one time. I don't add strangers.

I got pissed off and stopped adding people, have deactivated my account several times but have no other way to talk to certain people, and I haven't added anybody since. I accept very few requests also.

I don't know if you have already found the answer to this but FB suspend, and eventually ban, accounts that send too many friend requests. The rationale behind it is to stop fake accounts being created that add many people, proceeding to spam them. Adding a lot of people in the beginning is acceptable but continuing to add every friend of a friend, without waiting for response, triggers something in the algorithms that points you out as a possible fake account

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Wasn't easy to share at the time but realized needed to be done. Glad u both enjoy and appreciate it! Thanks! Very kind of u to ask for help from your nephew in this regard. I look forward to seeing/ hearing what he has to say. True! Weird a networking site would have a "friends" limit. Glad EP doesn't. Part of the point, after all.

wow 0.o thts never happened to em before >_> but it is kind of stupid. why would u suspend someones profile for adding friends XC thts what u do on FB!!!! srry tht happened to u X) but yh, its hard to hav both an EP and FB so i guess its good u dont use FB no more :)

I'm glad!!!! I don't think many ppl have that issue with FB That sucks!! I guess those ppl shouldn't be friends for long! That would drive anyone nuts. Ugh!!!

I don't have that problem. I just have people that add me then take me off as a friend. That I have known my whole life. That kind of drives me nuts.

Nothing I can do about it. I don't know of anyone else this has happened too, however. Cool. Do u like Face book? What caused his problem? That's good. Weird he was once suspended, too.

I appreciate that. I'm happy to have found ep. Have a nice weekend. I hope we can chat real soon.

Interesting. I appreciate your comment. I'm still disappointed with FB with how my account was handled. EP is more fun, anyway. Are u still on FB??

Yeah, I don't that has happened to anyone else. Makes little sense. lol. I'm glad you agree the point I bring up here. Exactly... That is what makes us interested in creating a profile. The more people we can chat with, the better. That's a good point. Still it's possible we went to camp together, school, etc... True. Why should we limit our friends, tho. I usually have a good reason in mind when I send a request. I hate being ignored. Good point. I'm glad u see the value in communicating with new ppl. I've always that is fun. Good to know I'm not alone. Definitely. It's hard to tell who we will become good friends with. Might as well try. Good point. As I said before, these sites aren't the place to be cautious. I would understand if my profile was weird, but I make sure it's basic stuff.

I believe that it was pointless for them to suspend your account for you merely adding some people as a friend. You are correct, I agree with you when you say that is what it is, a social networking site. Why have an account if you want no friend requests? Possibly, they wanted only to have friends that they were directly friends with. A lot of people are content with their current friends. They do not want anyone else interfering with them. I disagree with that, because collaborating with new people is a good thing. You never know until you get to know someone. Then, again you never know when a person is only interested in you for their benefits and not your own. They may have been being cautious.