A while back i was 14, and then (and now) i had a friend who loved getting dirty! We start our story in December: it was way too cold to go to our local park or farm, even when we tried the ground was frozen, pouring water did jack. Wearing our wellies in the upstairs bath, my friend discussed something he saw on youtube. We removed our socks and took our feet out of the boots. we ran downstairs and started grabbing stuff, i made some oatmeal, molasses, peanut butter and honey while my friend took 2 cans of beans and some pie.

i dumped all the ingredients down into our boots, slowly sinking our feet in slowly. we loved the slimy and slippery feeling of the goop sliding up our legs, a couple hours of tv later. My friend wanted to remove his wellies, he tried pulling it off but it just squelched, i tried pulling on his boots, but the gunge in them stopped them from moving. when i tried tugging on mine, they didn't budge either.

Finally, to escape our predicament we did the only thing we knew. We endlessly filled the flowerless garden with water and dirt. We marched around in the pit until finally our feet slipped out of our boots, we ran back into the house and washed the gunge off. We came back for the boots only to find that they had sunk and flooded with mud. We happily jumped into the pit, covering ourselves in mud.
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That's so hot I would love to rub all that on my body