Smoking Markers

Well, my friend and I were bored and wanted to get high...An idea popped into my head, I said to him,  "Go get a couple of markers from your place"...He ran accross the street and came back with a highliter and an industrial strngth marker...We used a pair of pliers and pulled the tips out, from there we put the tips into a bowl and smoked them like you would weed, marijuana, whatever you want to call it...And well the high we got from it was so intense..It made me personally rather delusional, I thought Jason(from Friday the 13th) was chasing me, and later on I hid from all of my friends and kept texting them telling them I was a ninja, and even though this may sound fun, the immediate effect was an intense burning in my throat and chest...Like on fire burning, but the next day we were wiped out, we couldn't focus or concentrate on school or friends, and to this day I swear I feel just a little bit dumber after smoking htose markers....But my advice is not to do this...Ever..Thanks I guess =)
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5 Responses Nov 9, 2010

i smoke expo markers fun :) feels awsome bro try it im naturally dumb so who gives a ****.. but i got some good advice best thing to do if you have never got high is to not do it cause life ******* sucks when your high bro

man... now i wanna try this, i tried sniffing a marker a couple minutes ago didnt get much of an effect

OMG fun! I got high off of nail polish this once and i wouldnt shut up. I kicked all my friends because i thought i was a ninja and then i ran around all over the place and i ate a whole bunch of stuff and i stabbed the wall and i thought my friend was a monster so i nearly stabbed her in the leg. Dude, being high is so funn!!!

damn ur stupid

damn ur stupid