A Nightmare Fron The Cyber World

I found myself a widow before I ever thought I would be one. We were married for 30 years and the best of friends. It took me three years to get past the crying, sadness and emotional issues of being left behind.

One day, even though, I was still sad about his death, I decided I wanted to fully  live again. I wanted someone to talk to, have a friendship with, but I was not ready for a romantic relationship. I found a web site that offered a "friendship" connecting area, to share on-line conversations, jokes, life stories and even exchange recipes if that was your desire. After being there for about seven months, I had meet several on-line friends and it was like my cyber home. 

Then I received an e-mail from a man who said he was wanting friends. He was not a social person. I really mean he had no social life! He went no where! Not ever! He had everything delivered even his groceries. He had never been married. He was very financially well off from an inheritance and was a very talented music composer. I felt sorry for this man.

We corresponded by e-mail for about ten months and he knew I was not interested in a romantic or even a casual romantic relationship with anyone. I only wanted "on-line" Friends. He was always nice and never said anything romantic or out of the way and I liked his personality. Then he wanted to know if we could talk on the phone. I hesitated at first, but then realized he needed to talk to someone and I agreed. He was really nice, with a nice voice and made me laugh and had so many interesting stories to tell, along with some very sad ones too. 

After a year, he wanted to come visit me as a "friend". My daughter thought it was a marvelous idea, because she had talked with him on the phone several times when he would call. She also felt sorry for him. This trip was difficult for him, because he had not been out of his town since the day he was born and he was now 55 years old. He finally made it after a six hour drive. My daughter and I met him at the station next to where he had gotten a room. My son-in-law could not go with us, because he had to work.

When I saw him, I knew why he had never been married. He looked a bit creepy with clothes that looked like he had gotten them out from a dumpster and he was very homely. A scary homely! Thankfully, my daughter, her husband and four children moved in with me after my husband passed away.  At that time I had no desire to live and they were concerned. 

I was not comfortable around him. There was just something not quiet right and he proved to be a stalker in the worse since of the word. He would sneak around my house (I live in the country... forest area.) in the middle of the night. He would bang on the door at two in the morning and my son-in-law would chase him away and he thought the guy was a lunatic. He banged on my bedroom window at three in the morning and scared me to death asking for me to let him in! He was forced to leave and go back to his home town by my son-in-law and the police. He did, but I have been scared ever since that he will return! 

I am so thankful I do not live alone. 

I was told a few months later that he was an anti-social person (which I already knew) and was considered having a sex addiction. One of the police officers informed me of those facts and suggested I call them if I saw him in town or anywhere. The bad part of this is, he purchase some property not too far from my home! The good part of this is, he has not been there since he purchased it. How crazy is that?! 

It taught me a very good lesson and that is.... do not trust!
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1 Response May 13, 2012

im sorry you had to go through that...but its a shame how one experience, as traumatic as it was, defines how you will behave in the future. Maybe one day you will meet someone who is actually sane and trustworthy, but because you were scarred you will probably never give him or her the chance. I met my girlfriend through the internet, we skyped called each other and then she invited me over. We've been together for a year now and its still amazing, no stalkerish or crazy tendencies from either of us. Dont let 1 guy set the example for the rest of them.

You were so very lucky finding a nice person whom you were able to develop a wonderful relationship with. I happen to be one of those people who was not so lucky and lived a real "Steven King" type nightmare.

I know he was only one guy out of millions, but it really makes you scared that it may or could happen again. Thank you for your comment and sharing your thoughts.