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When I was 20 my dad told me he didn't like the guys I was dating, he said he would pay the membership fee to try an online dating site. I said "no way!!"- then one day I was bored at work, so I called him got his credit card number and paid for a 3 month membership on I was really nervous about meeting these random guys haha. Anyways, I went on a date with someone, he wasn't my type, but was a nice guy- we kept in touch, but knew we weren't meant for eachother. The next guy I talked to, I talked to for a while- he seemed like just my type! I went on a date with him to a nice restaraunt then after we went to his friends house and hungout with all of his buddies and their girlfriends, we drank and had a good time! I clicked with his friends girlfriends so quickly. I also clicked with him- that night he asked me to be his girlfriend, without thinking... I said yes! We dated for a good 6 months... he made me very happy and the fact that I became good friends with his friends girlfriends made everything easier. I ended up breaking up with him because he was such a flake! He would make plans with me then bail, or make up an excuse as to why we can't go to lunch or dinner or whatever the plans were. I stopped talking to him, but was still hanging out with his friends girlfriends- so I thought I should just be friends with him, because I'm bound to see him again. So as of today we're friends, we don't talk everyday, but I can call or text him and it wouldn't be weird. I am also SUPER close with his friends girlfriends haha they're some of my bestfriends! I decided to take a break from internet dating.. then a year later, my sister (my dads fiance's daughter) moved in with us from Canada. She told me about a free dating site, we used to go on that site and mess with guys haha it was all fun and games, until I started taking it seriously and actually meeting up with these guys who looked oh so handsome in their pictures. I was displeased with every guy I met on that site. They didn't look like their pictures and were a bit weird.. lol. Unfortunately I am too nice of a person to take one glance and run, so I sucked it up everytime then the next day told them it wouldn't work between us. I was over that site and over all dating sites...

Then a year later I got bored...AGAIN (oh man)! hahah and thought alright, I'll go on that site one more time- even if I'm not dating these guys it's fun to just talk to random people...and it was free- so it can't get better than that! I went on a date with this guy who seemed so perfect, exactly my type and he seemed so handsome in his pics.. well I met up with him to get a drink, and first impression was horrible. I wanted to run...and I was so embarrassed because we happen to go to a bar where I know EVERYONE at. lol. I was nice, I wasn't rude- I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought alright just because  he's not my type doesn't mean we can't be friends. I have a lot of guy friends- so I didn't see a problem. Well he was a bit rude as we sat outside talking, he kept lookin around and didn't seem interested. And I'm not cocky or anything, BUT I know I am able to get a good looking guy... better looking guys than him.. so the fact that he acted totally not interested in what I was saying pissed me off! I wanted to tell him "You should feel privilleged to be sitting here with me right now"... I didn't though lol. Alright so this is where it gets bad! We go inside so I can eat, I ordered potatoe skins and we sat there in silence for a good 30 minutes as he watched the stupid basketball game on TV and payed no attention to me! He was texting and just acting like a total *******. It was veterans day, since I'm a veteran I took the day off of work and did some things to support all my friends in the service, all my friends out of the service, and all my friends kia or wia. I brought it up saying "It's my day today! It's Veterans day and I'm a veteran!" (In a jokingly sarcastic way) and he goes "me too" and KNOWING he wasn't in the military, I decided to ask him questins. I asked what branch he was in.. he said Army (branch I was in)- and I said "oh really, where did you have your training at?" He said "Ft Leonard Wood, LA." and I said "You mean Ft Leonard Wood, MO?" (that's where my training was) and he said "oh yah that's what I meant"... so far I'm thinking this guy is a complete idiot.. he probably forgot that I was the girl off plenty of fish who was in the military, so since he forgot he thought he would try acting cool telling me he is a Veteran. Anyways moving on, so then I ask "Was your training OSUT?" And he got all choked up..didn't know what that meant. then I asked what his MOS was, he said "MP" which was MY MOS! lol and then I asked how he got out, and he said "medical discharge" (I GOT A MEDICAL DISCHARGE!!!!!) hahaha I laughed my *** off and said "You're a liar, how embarassing. I was an MP in the Army and got out due to injuries which occured during my time in the service" He didn't know what to say and said "oh well I got into an accident on my bike and wasn't able to go to training" HAHAHAH I laughed even harder, and said "you're not a veteran, you were never in the military, you never had any training" He got so embarrassed..hahahaha I was over this stupid date. The security gaurds (who I'm good friends with) overheard the conversation and were also laughing their ***** off lol. I ate the potato skins, paid the bill and told him I had to leave. lol. That date was the worst date I've ever been on... but it's SO funny to look back at!

So a few weeks later I was working, it was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend. I was thinking about deleting my account on plentyoffish because I was having  no luck even meeting FRIENDS haha- I decided to check my inbox one more time before deleting it, and I got a message from this guy saying "If i could rearange the alphabet I would put u and I together" I laughed to myself and thought this guy has a personality, I wonder if he's cute. I looked at his pics and was shocked- he was SO handsome, the only problem was he was one year younger than I am, and I really don't like dating younger guys... but said screw it- I have nothing to lose! So i messaged him back, we talked for about 30 minutes before he got off work- he gave me his number and I texted him, we texted allllll friday night then saturday he called me and asked me if i'd like to go out that night, I said yeah so we made plans to meet at a local outside mall, when he walked  up to me i wanted to thank god for how normal he looked and how handsome he was in person. He was telling me how thankful he is I am normal lol he told me I was beautiful and was so sweet...we really had a strange connection, I felt like I knew him. Our date was so fun, we had a nice dinner then went and saw a comedy show at the improv- it was a perfect date and ended in a perfect way! he texted me all night that night after we left eachother, then the next day called me and asked if I wanted to come over. I went over to his house  and met his whole family... it was kind of awkward, but they were so normal and nice. We ended up falling for eachother super hard and super fast, he's my soulmate for sure and I know he is the one I will marry. I'm trusting my intuition with this one. But anyways, sometimes you get lucky on those sites lol

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thank-you very much Shuhak!! :)

Good for you! I’m glad someone had luck on those sites! I wish you both happiness!!