I Don't Think It Matters.

I tried it last night, actually, for the first time, and it was very....interesting! I have a friend who's mom legally grows it, and she allowed us to use some. That is the only situation I would use it, because I knew it was pure and not laced with anything else like most of it is now.

It was a fun experience, and very funny! It was somewhat scary too though. I lifted my arms, and they felt like they were floating. I took a shower and I could feel every drop of water, and I have never seen the moon until now... I know that all sounds so stupid, but I can see why people use marijuana. It helped me get away from myself, and away from reality. I can't say that I will not use it again, but It has to be pure. That is my only concern....
KilieLove KilieLove
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2012