Online Dating Review

I tried the online thing with eharmony. I went on two different dates. The first one was with a rather nice lady, she was a nurse on the army. We had a nice time, Meet at a local bar and then went for sushi. Unfortunately her picture was a little old so needless to say when I met her, was little surprised. Had a nice time but I let it go , no fire

The second one was quite different, Her picture was quite different but for the better. She was very attractive , but it was apparent that she had alot of baggage to the point that it interfered with everything else. The date felt more like an interview, had a couple of laughs. After the date she invited me for a day trip but canceled at the last moment (wasn't surprised).

My overall feeling is that online dating is a waste of time, to say it is the women's fault because they are too picky is a cop out. When you look at online dating , for every women that are 10 guys, so I really don't blame the ladies.  Also since they only see a picture, their first impression is based on looks and nothing else. 


I'd probably try it again but who knows




alpinehigh alpinehigh
41-45, M
Apr 23, 2010