Now My Profile Is Officially Deleted!

I had been on the dating site Gaydar girls for about 5 years and I went through cycles of spending some time on it, then deciding it was a waste of time and not worth bothering with.  But then I would always come back.

I always feel such a distance between me and the person I am sharing part of my self with, I feel like they will be more confident than me, that they will be straight forward and gay unlike me.  I don't feel like I can know whether I would fancy that person soleby based on there profile, but I feel like I should.

Usually I will get talking to one or two, but conversation eventually dries up or they suggest we meet / speak on the phone and this tends to freak me out so I disappear again.  Begs that question, what was I doing the in the first place.  I tend to contradict myself.

The last time I did actually meet someone and we went out a couple of times.  I wanted to fancy her and thought maybe I could, but after the third time I knew there was no chemisty.

I have come to the conclusion that internet dating is a waste of time for me because I am meeting new people all time.  I just don't fancy many people and this is the same whether its people online or people I meet through my social life and general activities.  I would rather get to know someone in life generally and if those kind of feelings develop then I know to pursue it.  Online is just a waste of time for me and potentials.

At work some collegues are trying to set me up with a guy in another department.  I have told them that I do not fancy him but they are enjoying the match making.  I don't want to dismiss him because if I got to know him more maybe I could fancy him, I know I'm not attracted to him though so I don't think I will.  I don't want to date another person because I think I could fancy them and turn out not to! 

I'm to complicated for internet dating!
eelarc eelarc
26-30, F
Feb 18, 2011