I Tried Online Dating And............

First off I was in the state of loneliness. I had just got out of the US Army and came home to my wife and beautiful daughters. I was not circulating well back into society. I was drinking heavily and found myself in divorce court before I had put the bottle of booze down. So in my self pity and lack of self respect I signed onto a dating web-site. It was all good for a while; a few friendly chats couple nice phone conversations and so on. I was communicating with 4 different women. When the time came it was time for the first of four dates with four different women. "This is were the **** gets deep". I went on the first date and it was really a good time until I had to drop her off, she was a little tipsy and quite the "mouth piece" while that way. I am walking her to her door and I will be damned if her boyfriend wasn't sitting right there waiting. "Aw ****" now I am gonna go fist to cuffs with her just as drunk boyfriend. I tried like hell to lie and say I was driving her home from the bar cause she wasn't in any shape to drive home. "I didn't mention I had my own glow on did I"? Neither here nor there; that didn't fly because I picked her up while her boyfriend was working, and her car was still in the drive way. "Whoops". So I try a couple more Bullshit lies to no prevail. Now its getting serious; she's yelling at him, he's yelling at her and I am standing there like a damn fool waiting for something to happen. I try to be invisible but that didn't work when she said she was leaving him for me. "She was on some ****". No way in hell am I in any position to be fighting over a woman I just met. I mean damn lady we just met. I had to do something and I did it with every bit of BS I could muster. The only thing that came to me was say I am gay and I am leaving. So I did; a started laughing so hard at myself that I was nearly in tears. My date and her boyfriend looked at me dumbfounded and ate that **** up like hot cakes. Moral of the story- "I cancelled the other 3 dates, and deleted all my profiles". The other is when in doubt, if you find yourself in that situation, claim the gay card lol.  "Oh yea", bars are a bad spot for a first date....
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Hahahaha, that is effing awesome!!!!!

Glad you was able to get out of your bad choice. Is there any way you can fix your broken marriage? I mean you two had a kid together and you went from the military to the bottle. If you were to clean yourself up and work hard would your ex take you back and then have a good life?<br />
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I have to believe that good people who make mistakes get a chance to get what they want if they change and work at it. I am in a situation where i pray if I do all right things my life will be good again.

haha! lmao!

You're right about the alcohol for sure. Also online can be ok if you can develop a friendship with the person on and offline for a while so you feel like you know them. It takes time to get to know someone and feel like you're friends. You will probably do better next time around. Now you're a single parent and can attend those PTA meetings and meet other single parents. Already you will have something in common. Also you always know that when the right one comes along, you weren't looking for them :) Good luck in the dating world again :)

I heard about online dating. I hear it's like one big circus.:)

I thought It was a comedy skit from a TV show...lol

What I find most amusing about this ****** up scenario is the fact that you stuck around for the argument...lmao,.....Never tried it. and no thank you please...most people suck anyway.<br />
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LOL, Quit lyin fungirl, I know you think 'm sexy..

LMBO I am glad I have never been in that scenario but then again, I have never dated a woman. ((giggles))