I tried online dating a couple of times and it has been a disaster, the biggest issue is that these people know already to much about you. The natural way of discovering what the other is like is missing.

But dating someone without knowing anything is even worse! I met 2 guys, 1 uploaded a pic that doesn't look like him at all and the other was 10 years older then he said......

I don't do it anymore, I get them from the bar or disco again!

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What I have found is that most of these men are looking for sex. They already are married or are in a relationship and are curious as to what piece of *** they can get on the side. They don't have trouble meeting women in person, so they don't actually need to be on these sites. Or there a lot of creeps trying to hide who they really are.

When I did online dating, I met a lot of nice men (gentlemen). I live in a small, one-horse town and like professional men from the city. I found the Internet helped me succeed and find what I wanted. There are good and bad people online. Screen and choose wisely, and know what you're looking for.

The worst thing is that when you finally think that you found someone special and that person seems to agree, you are the only person who closed the profile on that online dating site, he is still there...

I had the same problem. I only got weird sickos , who only wanted sex. I'll never try on-line dating again

Online dateing is for the birds, I say!<br />
You even know if the person is who they say~ they are. A had a guy from Ireland who flirted with me, asked personal questions and chatted on line like we were a couple. BUT!<br />
Here is the kicker..........<br />
He started to do the same thing with 2 of my sisters!<br />
Talking about gross!<br />
Then he tried to turn it all around and said we were just friends and my sisters were just friends too. Which is bull s@@t!<br />
He wanted me to meet his brother in boston. Now why in the hell I do that for? Its not him!<br />
Plus, we were just friends, right????!<br />
He lead everyone who he chatted with, on line thinking he is going for them and there was something more!<br />
He has one of my sisters crying over him and he still has the other one fooling around with him over her cell phone and net~thinking there is more then just friendship.<br />
To me....he's an as@

I dated a man on-line who said we was single and was not. He turned out to be Bi-sexual, married, Amish and weird.

Wow, you ran the gauntlet of weird!

Yes, that's true , but don't you think once you've met them you can size up their character,motivations and credibility quite readily in a shorter time than trying to evaluate an anonymous stranger at a bar?<br />
I don't drink or smoke or use recreational drugs , so I've only been to 2 bars in the last 20 years and had a terrible time looking for someone with similar interests and gave up. At least online (assuming people aren't<br />
trying to be dishonest), you can learn a little about them to establish common ground for that all important in person meeting. Online dating should be considered a tool of introduction only - you can only judge a person from an actual meeting- and in some cases online "meeting" is the only route for starting a relationship that would probably never happen otherwise.

its way to easy to 'be someone' else on line. you dont really know who you are talking to til you meet them in person.

I am like you. <br />
I have men come to me and asking for money and that there kids is hurted and they need money for them and they work in the uk and they are not getting money untill it done.<br />
And this goes on and on each time.<br />
<br />
I am like you .<br />
I rather to meet them in pereson and some where else then the internet .<br />
I think it is really safer that way .<br />
I think.<br />
thankyou for writeing that<br />
<br />