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Too many people saying negative things about online dating. And I am sorry for those who had some serious problems with it. But its not all bad. I met one of the most beautiful people I have known in my life through here. We dated for about 2+ years. We broke up starting of this year. But I still cherish that person and we do speak occasionally. Regrets? No..none at all. I treasure the time I spent with her but just that things did not work out between us. Also after being in LDR for the longest time when we finally met, it was that much more special. Yes there are problems, but then everything has problems. People in real life are not really better either and everyone has secrets.

My only point is..if you meet someone special and you feel a connection to them, dont give up on it just because your past experiences were bad. Give it a try and who knows what might happen. A fire can be started by just 2 measly stones striking against one another.
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i agree with you cos i have met many ppl on the internet who are special to me, including my last girl-friend, who i actually met on a certain dating site only because one of my friends (who i also met online 10 years ago and have never met in person) strongly encouraged me to. but we only met by accident cos we were both up late in the chat room, so i don't really give credit to the site cos all the matches they sent me were crap. but i'm really glad i joined, cos i'm really glad i met her even tho we broke up. but she was there for me when my dad died the first time we met, so she is really special to me and we are still good friends. the internet really is an amazing tool for connecting to ppl you would never be able to meet otherwise.

I know this is not the same. But I have always loved writing my cousin, she's a world traveler, speaks 3 lanquages while her husband speaks 3 others. They commune in Italian and for years I have felt closer and closer to her. When she was close enough to visiit. We really didn't have much to say. We were the the Best Closest,Most Honest , Brilliant, pen pals... but, it turned out. <br />
That was it. So strange, yet we have never been quite the same. Just back to cousins.<br />
Better than not though.

I dont know hapi, im of of two opinions on that and if put in a situation would decide ba<x>sed on how i feel at that moment. Taking risk for love it sounds good and all but in reality life doesnt always end so simply. So idk..but if you feel a connection and you know you want to be with the person and the only reason holding you back is past experiences..you should go for it!

No there are no guarantees how the love will end up. There never are. People can be together many years and then one decides to leave. In a case like that i still think love is always better having been shared than not at all. Finally when we're a little older we decide what we want from a partner and evaluate our matches a little differently. For me if he can be my best friend and make great conversation with me that is part of what will give us many years together.

I agree. It is always better to take a risk on love. It is always worth it. No matter how long it last, we touched another's life in a way we remember forever.

Haha yeah its almost 3 years, we were both still in high school Sp..distant time it seems, no? Dude that letter, ehhh, im bad with responses, you will get one, one of these days i promise, the problem though might be that i lost your address, can i has it again? ^_^

Man, reading this just made me realize how long ago we both started off on this site. I can't believe that all of that went down so long ago. And I never did know how your long distance (turned not so long distance) relationship turned out...but i'm glad to see that you are happy and doing well =)<br />
....even if you did never return my penpal letter =P

Both things have positives and negatives. But yeah you have a valid point. Mine was not on a dating site..but here. So it was more of an accident..a beautiful one at that :)

Im glad you had one writer :)

Thank you.

Yes, exactly my point :)

Oh and just in case anyone thinks it was miss cakes i dated..no it was not :|