Almost A Complete Waste Of Time

The only reason I said almost is because the only girl who had any interest in meeting me is person is still a good friend, even though we are no longer dating.

Everyone else I met seemed very superficial. One girl was dead set on meeting on a certain Saturday (and we were discussing this on a Thursday) and I when I told her that any other day would work (due to having to work that evening) she stopped talking to me. I still to this day can not figure out what the issue was. Pretty stupid if you ask me. That's just one example.

Other than the friend I made it was a complete waste of time.
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I've had somewhat similar issues with online dating, where I connect with someone online and things seem OK, but then she gets cold feet for no obvious reason. You'll probably never figure out what the issue was, and my friendly suggestion is: Let it go. She could have had any one or more of thousands of possible reasons why, ranging from dissatisfaction with your having to work on a Saturday to something beyond her control, like a family emergency or whatever.<br />
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But if you made a good friend, that's something to write home about. Maybe someday she'll hook you up with Ms Right. :-)

Yep, she's still pretty cool. And who knows, you may be right, lol. She may just hook me up with Ms. Right someday :)

Yeah I find most of the people lie anyways, like how you have to choose what your weight is. Lets be honest, no one wants to put "overweight" they select "curvy" it gives us actually curvy girls a bad name lol not that big girls are ugly but now on those sites if a guy sees curvy he thinks "wait... last time the girl was actually overweight... ima stay away from this one" lol<br />
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Oh well... i prefer meeting in person anyways, i talk to strangers all the time cuz they're so interesting so.. i have enough opportunities if i wanted :P

Ironically, I'm an open book, and have been honest with women I've met online about losing my ex-GF to brain cancer spring of last year. I'm over it (went through grief counseling and worked hard on my recovery process), and we broke up 2 years before she passed away anyway. But, I've had three women confront me on this and tell me they don't believe I'm over it!! Frustrates the hell out of me! I mean, should I LIE about why I'm no longer with my ex...say she's still alive but we no longer talk?? But I don't believe in lying, and my ex's untimely death shaped me as a man; taught me a lot. I'd rather tell an awful truth and have that be a deal-breaker early on...