The Truth Behind Women Online

i am  going to share with you some of the things I saw and went through with dating from 2009-2012(i quit as of jan 2012:women are just too hard to deal with)and before you start the jokes,i am not gay and will never date guys.i dont like gays this is my assesment:

women of the 2000's post profiles online to:
gain attention... i e:showing their bodies and not responding,they just want to see how many msgs they can get.
for money.
to hurt a man,in a woman's eyes,all men are dogs and should be hurt and used.
so they can cheat and add more men to their collection.

in my book.all women keep guy "friends" around so they can have a guy on the side,women are NOT  faithful any more.if you look at facebook(and i hate facebook,ppl are so stuck on there and petty)you will see that most women have at least and no less than 10 men that they can use for money and or sex.

women NEVER stop talking to their ex  .always "keep in touch" my book he's just a guy they will screw every other week(trust me,i seen it happen in from of my eyes in 2009)

i used to put lots of attention in to my messages i sent women.and they would either not reply(for which didnt matter,if your not in to me so what)or send back a one worded message..i came to the conclusion that women are too stupid to even say more than one word.even when you text a woman,its always a one worded text.thats either a lack of interest or just plain stupity that women seem to be experts at.

i just had to give up.i sent out over 350 well written msgs for a reply of 5...yes 5.and the replies was lack luster at best.just one word and then after that no the end,you have to ask your self,would i want to be with this stupid gender?what purpose do they serve???in my view they are just there for brad pitt looking guys.if you are a average joe,you can forget about getting a "decent" woman..they just dont make em any more

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I signed up for Okcupid Free site and before I finshed my profile I got a message from some woman on there trying to contact me. <br />
So we started to IM each other. I gave her my number. Next thing I know she calling me 10 times a day bothering @ work all the time. <br />
Come to find out she has 3 kids, no job and looking for some body to save her.<br />
So to make a terrible story short , I was @ my moms house for dinner and she called so I had my mom answer the phone and act like my wife I was about to cheating on. Well that did stop her with calling again. So the point of the story is, even if you get some contact with women on free dating sites sometimes it's not worth it.

you should have fuccked her at a cheap hotel and changed your number...use women,they dont care about us

350 messages an 5 replies? I would like to see some of the messages you sent them, I'm just really curious on why you recieved just 5 responses..

I know for a fact that there are PLENTY of real nice, decent looking, down to earth women looking for a solid relationship but none of them are into cyber dating. The cyber world is a quite convoluted and you never know who you are going to meet. It's better to meet real people out there In the real world. Good luck.

well thats sort of generalizing isnt it? ive tried those date sites, one anyway. it was horrible and i cant imagine anyone with self respect would join them. youre liable to meet nicer people if you join a club. they have outings and fun stuff to do so you arent just sitting in front of a keyboard looking at 2 dimensional people most of who dont even write a profile, say just msg me. right. anyways dont be depressed or turn yourself off all women. were not all alike.