In Conclusion...

I've capped my 7 week online dating "experiment", so to say.

If you are currently online dating involved I urge you to read
or join:

It's a great resource and eye opener.

In short, 5 of the 6 men who begged for my email
address and wrote to me, I investigated their
IP and email, name and find these
5 to be confirmed Nigerian Romance Scam Artists.

I've left my profiles...but ,being a good looking gal,
I am going to go back and remove my photos, if its
not too late...for you see...they take beautiful people's
photos and use them for future scams.

I've also adjusted my about me profiles to read
"I want to become a digital forensic CSI"
and have created a cryptic message.

Anyone smart enough to figure out the message
will gain the insight of my fake gmail account.

In short, I'm done even looking for friendly pen pal
on this online dating adventure.

Good luck to those who pursue it....
My conclusion is unless you pay and attend
a site that scans their database for scammer profiles will only be wasting your time and efforts.
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1 Response Apr 19, 2012

Is there any site that deletes scammer profiles?