There More Shallow People On Dating Sites

I've been using these sites for years and I never have a reply (at least not a positive one) or a message (unless it's from a scammer who are easy to spot). Now I think the internet has given people the opportunity to show their true colours, when they say they don't have a type or a preference in reality they do. Now I understand there are more men on these sites then women so the genuine women on these sites get hundreds of messages everyday but the fact is they don't read them all, they don't respond to them all and finally they only reply to the men they are interested in who are usually attractive, have a high paid job, have a good body and the usual things. I guess that shows in the end of the day it is looks and not personality that comes first as far as I'm concerned when it comes to my experiences using dating sites, nsa sex dating sites, relationship sites and so on. Even the free dating sites are a load of crap as well, same thing happens only it's a lot worse when it comes to the number of members and the number of shallow selfish people on them.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Why do men always assume women on dating sites get tons of email/responses every day? That is simply not true. I'm a woman and have never received that many messages before. When I was doing online dating on various sites, I was lucky if I even received a maximum of 5 messages a day. And the longer I stayed on those sites, the responses would become fewer and fewer until I was not getting any. I will say that from my personal experience, alot of the guys I've talked to and met in person were very shallow. My favorite (sarcasm) are the guys who claim they don't have a preference or type ....until they meet you, even though they already know what you look like head to toe in all your current pix prior to meeting, and then act so disappointed in person as if you somehow tricked them or something. The thing is alot of these shallow guys are not exactly drop dead gorgeous themselves and yet they expect you to be a perfect 10 and measure up to all of their built up and unrealistic expectations. I would never go back to online dating.