Mature Adult Dating Online....

Well finally I decided to give this dating on line ago, I am a mature woman middle 50's I am independent, happy, financial but miss being part of a couple. I am working, have a great job, look after myself, am educated , kids all grown up, and well traveled.

I am easy going, not moody, content, and willing to give anything a go at least once as long it is not dangerous or illegal.

My criteria is that I want to find someone who is wanting to find someone to share some of their life and special moments with, not necessarily live together, but non the less commit to each other if all goes well.

You would think by this age it would be simple, after all that is why we are on dating sites because we want the same things?

Well here is a glimpse of what I found, there are types out there and sometimes I just cannot help but laugh, dating clearly is a complicated game and not for the faint hearted.

One of the things you mostly will deal with is the knock backs. I personally do not take it seriously as there are a million reasons and I do not have the time or the energy to dwell on it, basically I think it is their loss.

Now here are some of my experiences..

Type 1 Talks about the ex all the time, while trying to assure you they are over it? I tell them when they can actually be in the present with me,to let me know, otherwise perhaps they really need to decide if they should be discussing the ex factor with the ex.

Type 2 Wants to text you all the time, but never really makes a commitment to meet up, these types are a waste of time and I block them both on my phone and internet.

Type 3 Is anal about everything, to the point that I feel like referring him to a therapist to get help. I tell them I worked out that I am the wrong person for them as I do not care about all the things they are fussing about.

Type 4 Is a serial dater and has so may people on the go he forgets who he is talking to. If he was a hunting dog he would be a bad one as he would be chasing too many rabbits and not catching anything. With these I tell them I am dating too so all is good, again they cannot handle the fact if I am doing the same thing? who knew ?

Type 5 Just wants sex, while trying to make out he really is trying to find love. These men get surprised when you do not act like a 16 year old and fall for it, worst still they cannot handle if you do have sex with them and you really don't want anything else either. They become obsessed with you.

Type 6, Does not share anything about himself telling you he is a very private person, while trying to find everything out about you. So I usually have a wonderful time, revealing only those things that do not matter, and then I am very hard to get, but always polite.

Type 7, Is with someone but says it really is not working for him? Sure I would like to hear her side of that story. I tell them politely to go home.

Type 8, Tells you they do not want to be in a full on relationship, you know, they have their own life, and live in their own houses, but are happy for one on one commitment, I call it living apart together, well these ones are the ones within weeks professing undying love and wanting to move in, and when you tell them your happy with the arrangement they get upset because they thought it was what you wanted too? Really?

Type 9, Is looking for a cleaner, cook e.t.c. well I tell them I have no skills in those areas and they need to find look in the classified adds section of the paper. e.g. Jobs wanted

Type 10, You have a great night, everything is fantastic, then you never hear from them again, they literally disappear. I am guessing they are attached or phobic. I do the same , as I am not into stalking.

I am sure there are a lot more other types, these are men between the ages of 48 to 65, I am sure there are many other types for me to explore, and I am prepared to until I find that special person, however I have also decided if I do not find them, at least I have some interesting times and stories to tell.

Being fair some of the stories I have heard about women and dating via some of my dates and also on online blogs, says a lot in how complicated and difficult it is to find someone, when much damage has already been done via past relationships. I feel that there are many walking wounded and patience , understanding and tolerance is needed when embarking on the dating arena especially later in life.

It's tough jungle out there.

Makingmewrong Makingmewrong
May 16, 2012