Tough Stuff

I've tried online dating in the past. And now I'm trying it again. The one pattern that continues to emerge is that it's difficult.

I'm on Match. I tried POF but abandoned it again after realizing very few were compatible with me. Anyways...I've noticed A) that there aren't that many individuals I could see myself with. In part, that may be because I'm a relatively idiosyncratic person. I.e. not that many people watch Penn & Teller's Bullshit or the Daily Show in my dating pool. and B) Those I do contact aren't interested.

Admittedly, it's only been about a week on match. And I haven't contacted that large a pool of's just annoying. And humbling. I like to think I'm not that unattractive...

Ugh. Here's my rant. I'm frustrated
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1 Response Jun 17, 2012

I met my boyfriend of 9 years online. He and I are a whole lot older and if I tried to do it today, I might be frustrated since I have gained a bunch of weight and the grey hair is getting more obvious. <br />
I am thankful for him every single day that I breathe. I am BPD and if you know about this condition you know that we do not look at ourselves in the mirror as you might see us. He is OCD which consumes his entire life. Together, we understand what the other needs and in our eyes, we have the perfect match. We drive each other crazy....haha ( a little humor here).<br />
My boyfriend is an athiest and likes his Penn and Teller and his John Stewart, Steven Colbert, and (yuckkkk) the darned History Channel. I am not religious either and I like to watch Ghost hunters or actually anything rattling chains and thumping in the night (haha again).<br />
Just because you are feeding your head with self doubt or have a negative opinion of yourself does not mean that there isnt someone out there with some kind of shared interest. <br />
Good luck on your hunt!