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Tried On Line Dating

I tried it for a bit and still have some accounts, although I have not checked any of them for awhile.
The problem with them I find is there are probably 100 guys for every gal and how does one stand out in the crowd to get the ladies attention?
My plan is to try again , overhaul my profile's as my life has changed a lot in the past couple of years and see what happens.
Try to appraoch it with a positive attitude
Windryder Windryder 56-60, M 1 Response Jul 8, 2012

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Always go in with a positive attitude. <br />
Make it to the point describe what you are looking for (serious, dating, friends ect). Describe what type of woman you are interested in or even that you are open to meeting women of differences (shape, size, color, ect) also pictures will make or break a profile. Profile pick should be a nice upclose face, full body shoot, others should be of pics that show your character or personality. Never post shirtless pics (trashy) no pics with your kids (using cuteness makes look like you don't have confidence in your own) and finally no pics with other people (unless you are sharing an account with lonely friend) and by no means pics with girls (even if its ur sister). If you like someone take the plung and send a message like I noticed on your profile you like to read. I like to read myself. What types of genre to you prefer? Hope these tips help and allllllways meet first few dates in public areas. Take care be safe and happy hunting.