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It May Work Others, Definitely Didn't Work For Me!

I got introduced to the internet in my early teens, back when AOL was hot. It was easy
for me to go into chat rooms meet girls and enjoy their online company for months sometimes,
years on and off. I probably had a better chance back then, than I ever did know.

Ten years later, I am now a young adult male, in college, with a job and recently obtained a my Associates Degree. The last relationship I  was in was three years ago and ended very sourly. Offline, I seem only find myself in a relationship every few years or so, but, the women I attract sooner or later reveal themselves to be ugly both outside and inside.

Ive never had a relationship with any girl I cared for, and every time I try to simply go on a date or even talk to them. I get sugar coated rejections or find out they have bfs. Naturally, I turned to the internet which, has changed so much since high school in hopes I'd met a decent girl.

I wasent one to believe in those success stories they feed you on those dating site commercials but, I have heard of people meeting and hooking up online. So, I decided to give it a shot.

Perhaps, the first time I tried online dating I was more hopeful. I fell into many traps along the way for example: sites that let you register for free but, require payment as soon as you register to do anything. Obviously, I wasent going to pay just meet people so, I tried the few free sites.

Exmple: Not a single message (sent to me or returned) or crappy wink out of the supposedly thousands of women that are on that site. Of chance I would contact someone, the messages would stop after perhaps the third or fourth. Obviously, I never got a date.

So, I decided to make the payments for more premium sites but, the results where pretty much the same. Plenty of women viewing profile, seeing what you looked like, and probably moving on to the next guy. Perhaps, the occasional introduction message from a curious girl before, no more response. Another example of the paid sites featured dozens of female profiles but, very few were premium members and perhaps the majority were girls who registered and left the site not wanting to pay.

I wasn't willing to give up so easily, so I tried a more subtle approach. I thought penpal sites would introduce me to girls in other countries and perhaps over time develop into a relationship.
While, this went better for me then, the paid and free sites, I was not successful in finding what I sought. I spoke with perhaps two girls, one from Japan and another from Holland.

Example: The girl from Japan spoke very little English and I spoke very little Japanese so, it was no suprise I stopped hearing from her after awhile. On the other hand the girl from Holland spoke perfect English but, she would only write me every six months to a year and eventually not at all.

Eventually, I did start meeting girls via Online Roleplaying games and forums. However, these women I met pretty much all fit the same demographic. Older, single women, with/without children with emotional or mental baggage. I tried to look past looks but, these women failed at personalities.

Example: I dont like judging or bashing anyone but, most of these women had some pretty offbeat lifestyles. Others had given me, "the no one likes because" speech or were so hurt by men they were willing to hook up with the next guy they met online right off the bat.

I started seeing a pattern afterwhile, and then, suddenly meeting girls in real life didnt seem so bad after all. While, I cant say for sure Online doesnt work, I most certainly haven't benefited from it. Obviously, some people look online for love for a reason and after meeting as many different personalities as I have, I realize most of these people have issues that keep them from anyone special.

Im still single, still working, and still in college but, I feel I have better chance asking, failing, or occasionally succeeding real life, than I ever will online.
Gray24 Gray24 22-25 3 Responses Oct 2, 2012

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most people online are brocken.rare you find human who are healed and whole to start a relationship.

In that time after this post I did meet two women online. Nothing ever came from the dates so, I agree with your comment. I am still single but, in the time of me being single and attending a university, I have made alot more friends than I ever had in my life time. I admit I do get lonely and it can be just as frustrating as it was two years ago but, overall I am happy with my accomplishments. I started to see a pattern as well, I notice that a good sum of young women I befriend have lower standards when it comes to dating. Some take what they can get, others feel the need to be the caretaker of their boyfriend just out of love. I realize that, while I do want companionship I need to be patient and not try to force it.

Hello! I'm looking for online dating stories. I want to write a book with 100's of stories, are you interested in having this one published? We can change all the names and I'll place you under the thank you section! (: what do you say?

good for you.