A Guy I Met Online

This might be a little long and I apologize in advance. I will make it as to the point as i can. So I met this guy through a matrimonial website and we are both from a strictly religious background. I'm 23 and he is 28. When we first started texting, it was because he took my number and initiated it. He usually texted me first after we shared our pictures as well. (Not dirty pictures). After two weeks of texting (he called me once to hear my voice) we finally met. He said he wanted to meet me over the weekend and asked me to pick a place of my choice. I picked a place but he texted me on the day of the date saying he couldn't have dinner with me because his family was coming over and he just found out. I said it's okay if he's busy and we can meet some other time. He insisted and said he wants to meet me at a coffee shop near my house instead. He drove half way across town to come see me and we had a pretty good time at the coffee shop. Sometimes we would stare out the window and have awkward silences but we would laugh and look at each other and start talking again. We did not talk about marriage (funny because we met on a matrimonial website). We talked about careers and our education. He is studying to be a CFA and I to be a CA. We are both still very young and we both had an agreement (via texting) that if anything, we would be friends, then date and then decide to go further. Anyway, 2 hours into the date he waited for me since I was waiting on a friend. My friend was late so i decided to go home and he drove back home as well. When the date was done, I did not want to look too easy or clingy so i refrained from texting. He texted me later that night asking me what I thought about him. I replied this, "It was nice meeting you. You are one funny man lol. What did you think about me?" This was at 11 pm. He didn't respond and I texted him the next day at about 4 pm and our conversation is as follows:

Me: "Did you not respond or did I not get your text once again?" (Sometimes he has to text me twice coz i dont get it).
Him (Instantly): Hey sorry I fell asleep last night. Why do you think I'm funny?
Me: You did not answer my question from last night.
Him: I thought you were nice
Me: Thank You
Him: You're welcome
Me: N you are a funny man, you didn't know that? lol. You smile a lot and you have a cheerful personality.
Him: Why is that a bad thing?
Me: I never said its bad

I don't understand what's happening anymore? Any advice? I know that I should remember i'm not the only girl he is talking to since he found me on a matrimonial website. The thing is, when i met him in person i wasn't expecting such an attractive guy. His picture on the website was average. I was intimidated by his appearance but we still had a pretty good time and I wasn't shy or anything. Through his texts, it seems like.. he thinks i wasn't flattered by him or that i am playing hard to get? Was he looking for flattery when he asked me what i thought of him? I don't know what I should do, any help?
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ya, it sounds like he either lost interest or is either very insecure, and is just trying to get you to boost his self esteem. You don't sound like you're playing hard to get, so you should probably let it cool off a bit and see if he follows up and makes plans with you again