So I've gone on a couple of dates and they don't get any better. The people online usually have a a lot of problems which is why they are online and are not taken already. I am a firm believer that there are more women than men in the US making it harder for women to be taken despite the attributes they may have. Some guys are so conceded, they write messages and the conversation goes well and next thing you know it they never write back. Some just let you waiting to meet them for months hoping that out of desperation and the supposed need for a men and infatuation with them you'll sleep with them on the first date. Some even want you to go as far as to pick up their check. "I don't have my wallet" What I'll pay for mine, but I am not paying for yours. Guys seemed to be loosing their testicles now a days.
22-25, F
Oct 23, 2012