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I'm on match, eharm, and zoosk. I like all three.  I haven't found anyone special, but at least I can say I'm doing something about it right?  . . . We live in such a distant society these days (meaning not tight knit communities, but loose metropolises).  I guess I can only speak for me personally (an introvert).  I'v met more people online dating than I could have met in 5 or 10 years on my own going to bars or getting set up through friends.  It makes so much common sense to me for people to say, "hey, i want to join a dating site, where I can meet all of the people that want to meet me."  It's so practical and I like that.  . . . Here's a summary of my experience. :  The sites spell out the agreement and stick to it.  The only thing they do is automatically renew you after your contract time is up (3 mo - 1 yr), but they are open about it, and you can cancel at any time.  I just started out on one site.  Over a couple of years though, I've discovered that these three sites attract different types of people.  I enjoy all three, so here I am. Lol.  Never thought I would be in this position.  I dated a girl for 9 months that I met on eharmony.  My buddy ended up marrying a girl he met on eharmony.  I've had several dates and communication, but none have "stuck" so far.  I really like it.  It also sort of keeps my hope alive if you know what I mean - just through new activity every so often. 
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I've had zero success on dating sites.
Not been on even one date.
A large part of it for me is my area.
The intelligence level in Michigan is very low.

that stinks.

Thats encouraging. I've had open accounts on a couple of dating sites for about 8 months now. Absolutely no success. Admittedly, I have also been going through the post break-up emotional roller coaster too and after a 15 yr marriage it takes a while to figure out what you are looking for. I guess the trick is to be patient and not to hung up on how much it sucks to be alone.

Yep, it's def a challenge to be alone sometimes. Although there are times I really appreciate it :)

I just enjoy the activity now of online dating. I don't expect so much from it anymore. I still meet people that have potential every now and then.

what kind of personalities are on the different sites? i'm curious, if you don't mind sharing your observations.

Disclaimer: just my opinion and general observation. This doesn't apply to all people on these sites of course. I'm sure these factors also change from region to region, city to city. So here is my take. In ranking from most serious relationship seekers to less serious: eharmony, match, zoosk. I've had just as much luck on all three sites. Eharmony I would say attracts more shy people than the other two. Just my experience thus far.

Ill probably do that to if i dont meet anyone soon. I too, have made more friends online in like a day, than in 10 years in real life. *sighs*

I hope you do man. it's pretty fun too.