The Insulting Creepy Guy

So, I tried an online dating service- quite famous one. I posted some pictures and filled the profile dutifully. I tend to rant in ny writings- so I did rant a bit about random things. But I also put it clearly on the profile- that I'm not looking for casual affair, or anykind of fwb stuffs- that I'm on that website for serious dating only.

And the creepy guys start to hit on me. But I'm talking about this one guy. He's from another country and the first thing he said in his first(and shall be his only one to me) message was how funny my rants were and bluntly said he's coming next week to my country for business and would I like to show him some "authenthic food" from my place for him to eat? Yeah right, you're using dating service to scout for tour guide. And the tour guide was your opposite sex(becase you're hetero), a person you never know before, much younger than you (more than a decade younger!) and basically you just want to "taste the authentic dishes" of that certain place right? Way to put me off.

Maybe because on my rants I came off naive- but honesty, what the h3ll? Girls don't survive this world by being naive little lamb, especially one already in my age range. Does he really think I'd be easily fooled, so naive to believe this stranger just wants to be friends(that's why he scout for girls on the dating website) and wish for some guide in foreign country (where's your business partner then- wouldn't they be responsible for your so-called authentic experiences), which is bizarre enough to think about? How next week you're flying somewhere and you scout for some stranger in attempt to find some "guide"? Oh yeah, I bet you really want to "taste" some "local cuisine" right.

It's guys like this- makes me feel bad mood all over. Seeing females as "cuisines", something to consume- as properties, as exotic experiences. Thinking he spotted a naive little lamb who'd walk wide-eyed to his trap.
As if I'd go to see stranger right away after first message without even the usual online dating steps- not only he's a stranger but he also never wrote to me before that insulting message, and he asked for a meeting in restaurant/pub/cafe? Duh, wonder if date drugs would also come into play as well here? Bah.

But in a way, he makes me feel very bad about myself. I can't help but feel like he's telling me: 'when I see your profile I see someone good enough for quickie, a naive little lamb who'd walk wide-eyed to nomaden slaughter house, so I'll go to your place to taste the so-called "authentic local cuisine" by you.'
Way to insult someone sir- I sincerely hope one day you'd have someone precious in your life, be it wife, daughter or anyone female- so you can realize how insulting you've been to some. No I don't think you love your mother or grandma or any female in your current family/circle, because the disheartening way you can be to females- who already stated clearly in her profile that she's not after some casual f*** or booty calls- shows your lack of respect to female's thoughts and opinions. You think females are just cuisines to taste, even those who clearly stated she's not looking for things like that, and they're just there to be used and discarded after they satisfy your whims right?
What a male trash.
Lyrea Lyrea
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012