Rejection And Respect

Tried the online dating, talked to many guys but only met 2 of them. The experience left me feeling less confidence in myself than I was before getting on the site. Though I don't consider myself as a person with a low self-esteem, I met a guy who was nice on the phone but he did not call me after we met which left me questioning "Do I have a problem?" I start to question what kind of person I am, how I acted, and how I look. I wish he would have told me that he was no longer interested, just as a respect for my emotion. I believe that you can't force the heart to want what it doesn't but it would be nice if he just told me that he didn't want to talk anymore. I won't be doing the online dating any longer.
sakuranight sakuranight
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3 Responses Jan 1, 2013

I found and still find online dating to be soul crushing and not very positive- what is it with men and the Internet? Do they forget that women are human beings or if they meet you online is it all a game to them?

Yes honey it is a game to them but then when the tables are turned they wanna cry about women being ****** or ***** who want " bad boys"

I know! Men are so damn confused about how to treat women with respect! They sure deserve most of the bad things us ladies say about them!!! They like to act so clueless-but if they just treated us how they would like to be treated.... You know?!?!?

Exactly! I mean how hard is it to give honesty, loyalty, and trust to a woman? Men if you give a woman those three things plus respect then she will give more of what you want sex

People don't have respect for others anymore especially men the ones that I know or have met only want what they want when they can get it and yes it usually is sex

Hi sakuranight! I'm in the exact same boat. Except for the meeting two guys part. I haven't met any. The whole emotional environment of online dating is beginning to feel toxic. Self doubt and questioning of one's worth and dangling rejections are so disheartening. Why am I not good enough for the courtesy of actual rejection? I wish I had something uplifting or hopeful to say or good advice to give, but I don't. All I can say is that I'm right there with you.