Time Is Over!

Game is over. You got zero score!
It could seem weird that I have never had a boyfriend in my life, before last year I met a man online who I had the internet relationship with for the 8 months. Like many of long distance relationships we had no opportunity to meet up and talk eye to eye. Due to thousands miles apart the meeting was impossible to arrange.
I believe that people who never see each other in real life and not having the physical contact can have an emotional connection based on understanding, trust and mutual respect in the same way who are able to meet up over the lunch as almost all couple do.
Some can make it work, some can`t, we were from that category who couldn`t make our relationship work and decided to give up on building it up at the same time scaring of stepping on the more serious level of it.
I am not sure was it the real reason of brake up or not, but I am aware of fact that we just weren`t able to sacrifice things for it along with the unwillingness to put some more additional efforts to make it work.
At the end of all I came to the conclusion that it`s not worth wasting time and inclination on that kind of things which definitely won`t get you the expected.
Each situation will get you the lesson you needed to be learnt!
What did I learnt from the experience gained during the online dating involvement?
The chatting process can be fun and interesting, however people should not forget that the opposite side can write whatever he wish to or what you really expect him to write, perfectly hiding the bad side of his personality and pleasing you with nice words and online cute gestures. Even using the camera can`t guarantee that the person on other part of net is the real one.
We, females enjoy creating in our minds the perfect partner imagination and when this illusion compared to the life real man personality we get deeply disappointed and upset from the variance we g.
In any case, I would like to say that we all were born alone and will have to be ready to die alone someday!

SuriPokemon SuriPokemon
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3 Responses Jan 24, 2013

Do you miss him? Did you find someone new?

hello, no, no

Sorry to hear that. Online dating can work if you see each other every month or two for like a weekend.

Good reflective writing.

really? u like it? I am so happy, I did my best to write this!

Yeah. I like the 'sit-back-take-stock' writing.

Yes, I am back to him.