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Roll The Dice

online dating is convenient for a homebody like myself that doesnt get out much. so i'm open to online dating and have learned to accept the risks that come with it. such as:
exchanging numbers with a nice looking guy only to call him and discover that he has a major speech impediment/stuttering problem
finding that he is not intellectual or articulate and thus cant hold a conversation or he just says some of the dumbest things you've ever heard
or just by talking to him, you can tell that he's an *******...afterall looks arent everything..the personality has to be on point too
and if you luck out and find that the conversation goes well and you actually take a interest in meeting in meet him only to find that :
he walks with a limp or has a handicap/deformity of some sort
he is shorter than he told you he was
he is heavier than he was on the pic because the pic he posted was 10 years old
his teeth are totally jacked up or he may even be missing a couple in the front
he was 10 feet away from the camera thus his many facial imperfections were not visible
he has a bald spot that wasnt visible on the pic

my advice would be to make every first date..a short one. like meeting for a quick cup of coffee..and that way you wont be stuck with someone that you're not attracted to for a long period of time. i know that some people are into demanding a lot of pics or seeing the person on skype first. personally, that is not a route i would choose..if i like your conversation and the pic you have posted..then i'll take my chances with a quick meeting. afterall, a face to face meeting is still the best way to see exactly whats what. and that is why i only respond to local men...the long distance thing is a no no for me. meeting someone online can be filled with smoke and mirrors. its like rolling a dice. sometimes you will hit the jackpot and sometimes you wont. luckily some of the guys that i met were actually attractive and well put together.and there was one in particular that i ended up falling for in a major way..we were in a relationship for quite some time. even though things didnt work out...he is still very special to me and i have beautiful memories with him...we shared some special times that i will never forget.
welcome2myworld welcome2myworld 41-45, F 2 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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I agree, meeting men online has it's issues but I find it can be a good solution for actively seeking a date casual or otherwise. I admit I am also selective and there are certain turnoffs I am just not willing to live with. I commend you for knowing what you can and cannot tolerate. I actually tend to not go for the goodlooking ones so much, sticking with men with no kids yet or grown kids....come off straightforward and I share messages quite a few times before I meetup with them. The man I'm casually dating right now is someone I met online and we connected well online and better in person and though it hasn't been a wirlwind romance it has been very surprisingly comforting for me especially recently. He's better than average intelligence and very caring and honest....It is all about rolling the dice but you have control over who you select to let in. It's a great option for ladies like us in our age group of singlehood.

You do have to be careful. I feel like I've had some success with online dating. I pick the pictures I like, read the profile, exchange a few e mails, then talk on the phone. All in that order. If the discussion goes well, then we meet within days of talking. I usually can tell right off the bat if I'm attracted. My last relationship was from an online site. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't meant to be for us, but I feel like I'm getting closer to finding the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.