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Yes I Have On Multiple Dating Sites!

Most of the response's were not positive. I found that people lie their ***** off up until the time you try to actually work out a face to face meeting. I had a couple of men posing as women until we discussed actually meeting past the posted dating site pics, and then they confessed! That pissed me off! Just as bad were the ladies that lied about their ages, where they truly lived in the world, and using false pics. It all boils down to a bunch of bullshit liars!

I did meet a few real ladies, and even dated a few of them, but they were not as open and accepting as they said in their dating profiles and our conversations. That is why I sought out places like EP in hopes of at least being honest about myself in my stories, groups, and confessions shared on here.

Heck what do I have to lose!

Still seeking HER!
wjk1849 wjk1849 46-50, M 1 Response Jan 31, 2013

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