I Love It So Far

I know its not healthy to go back every couple of hours. But the only reason i do that now as of late is because there's this girl i met online. I confronted her on her chinese aversion, saying, "how can you manage to try japanese but not chinese?!" So we went from there, and in her own way she asked me out on a date, before i got to really. She's a great person, and we share alot in common. I like her, and now the only thing left is meeting her. She said that she would love to meet me as soon as possible. I can't help but be excited and really nervous, since she's 90 percent of what i look for in a girl. Sweet, down to earth, loves adventures and nature, plays video games and loves movies, basically a huge nerd or geek. The conversations on okcupid just got longer and longer, and now i believe that the only thing left to do is just go out with her and see how everything goes.
loverOfScience loverOfScience
18-21, M
Feb 11, 2013