I recently signed up to use because my roommate found her fiance using that service.  I found one young woman that looked pretty interesting, and we talked for about a week through AIM.  We got along well, so we decided to actually meet and go have dinner.  Well, everything went really well, and I even kissed her at the end of the night, which is a big thing for me.  The next two days we spent lots of time together, and it was great.  Recently though, she told me that she just wants to be friends, that she doesn't feeling its going anywhere.  This made me a little sad, and I've been hesitant to go back to again.  I have emailed a few more women, but no response from them.  But its a good site in theory, maybe just not for me.
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I also date on line and have had all sorts of experiences, but it is a game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, then if your lucky you may hit the jackpot.<br />
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The thing is you have to be in it to win it. But have fun while your there, when the right one comes along you will know, and your will be glad the others did not work out. <br />
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Six of my friends and two work colleagues met on line over the last few years and their partners are fantastic people, but I can tell you they all have many stories to tell before they got there.<br />
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I have been dating about 4 months, and I just go with the flow.<br />
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So never ever give up, just believe your time is coming.

Ya I've been there before too. I wouldn't let this situation get you down. I had a similar experience a few times and have been on the other end of it as well. I think the site is a good one but there are a few things i don't like about it as well. another good one is it's free and can be good depending on where you live. I've tried them both and am currently still on them. <br />
The problem I've found with online dating is that just like any social site you go to you, Women are just bombarded with guys sending sleazy letters or just trying to get in their pants. So they are hesitant to respond and that's even if your email has caught their attention in the first place. It feels like entering a complex raffel. You have to find a woman who you are attracted to, while still wondering if her pics are what she really looks like, then you have to read her profile and hope there is something in there that you can connect with or are intrigued by. Once you've found someone you are interested in you have to write your email in a style that will catch their attention and not make them feel like your just trying to get laid. after that, you have to hope that their inbox isn't so full that she doesn't just over look it in the first place. I think I read some statistics that a guy gets a response to every 10 emails he sends. the problem with that is that after 10 emails it's very difficult not to develop a formula and to make each of them sound personal and not cut and paste.<br />
But all in all I have talked to several women on there and am still friends with a good hand full of them. I have yet to find the person that I would like to spend my life with but it has opened my eyes to new people that I never would have met just living my daily life. I hope you don't let that bad experience get you down and that you will try again. It's a good method for someone who has a busy life and isn't meeting the right type of people within their social circle and places they go out. Well good luck bud.

I believe something was wrong in the process ... @@

If you're sick of getting the "lets just be friends" response, you could do worse than looking at this site: Stupid name, but one of the best sources of information about dating, masculinity and male-core issues I've ever found.

Don't worry to much about one match not working out. After all, when trying to meet people without the aid of the internet, there are quite a few incompatible people to meet, before you meet someone you really click with.

Have you tried Cupid.Com? It seems to be the latest big radio advertised site to find LUV! =}