My Experiments In On-line Dating..........

I must admit, I'm a little bitter about it.  It seems most of the people you find on-line are those that you can't get along with in real life, so that's why they are on-line, maybe I'm included in that lot, I don't know.

I busted my first e-love nut at the ripe young age of 20.  I used to hang out on Yahoo instant message all the time, and had a nice elaborate profile that I started to promote my business and attempts at a music career I was working on at the time.

So this wonderfully goofey and sexual gal came along who was really close by, and wanted to hang out.  So we hung out late at night when I got off work almost every night for awhile, and things slowly began to heat up between us.  She seemed right, after all, her profile said age 19, what a maroon I was at the time.   It was awesome, she seemed like the most "like me" person on earth, and she felt like a friggin soul mate for awhile at least.

Then the day came where we decided to become a "couple", and that's where things got really good, great sex, we hung out and did things together, but alas, we never officially "dated".  After the deed the first night though, one little thing did detract, and that was that she revealed that she was really fifteen......oh ****.  The thankful part was that her parents were fine with it, but this is where my trust in her started to loosen a little more and more.

Slowly from there, things became more apparent that this relationship was doomed.  She seemed rather interested in the fact that I was a "rich boy" in her eyes because I had a slightly higher standard of living than she did at the time.  She seemed also rather bothered by the fact we were not like other couples who go on petty dates every weekend to show appreciation, rather than take in life as it comes, which is what I prefer to do.  As things became more "formal", things got worse.  Eventually, we split up, lying on both sides to get out of it.

I did not see her for six months, or hear from her.  Then she calls me up one night to tell me she has a baby on the way from her previous boyfriend who just left her.  Knowing what I know, and thinking back to what was next, I realized what kind of a person she was, and decided to end it all, with a very very very nasty breakup over the internet, just as it all began with a pretty beginning over the internet.

After moving on for a few years, moving out of the state I lived in at the time, and going through a few literal nothing situations, I decided to take another crack at on-line dating, more with an experimental approach so I could fullfill the one part of life that I was just having bad luck at, and that was finding no-strings sex or a friends with benefits situation to keep on with.

First site I tried was this little known adult hookup site.  $30 a month to hook up with someone interested in nsa.  Figured it'd be worth a shot, needless to say, I quit right afterward.

Soon thereafter, I had 2 gals after me, one was interested in some kinky stuff that did not appeal to me so I turned her down, the second was this incredibly hot (but not unbelievably so) gal who wanted to talk some more.  So I talked to her some, and she never spoke back till I cancelled my account.

I tried a few other places with similar results.  One place that was free has garnished interest in more than what I was looking for from women across the country, but not very well locally.   Then I tried another adult site that charged $11, and that site got me laid....once.  I did much better going out and having a good time than dealing with it on line.   The one date I did have, the gal was very vague about what she wanted, but shared a lot with me, but was already in a relationship.  After that, I walked away from it.

So my take on it is that On-line dating is just not for me.  People either put on a huge charade in hopes to attract attention, just to fall back on their true flawed self (usually in a way one is not able to deal with), plus all the chicanery that can go on on there that I'm lucky not to have seen, such as jealous boyfriends, transvestities pretending to be real women, and all the such.  The internet is kind of like one band sang about living in the 70's - you're eating fake food under plastic trees.

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Funny my friend had almost similar experience meeting people off line.