It Didn't' Work

Maybe the problem isn't the online part...maybe I'm just not very compatible with 99 percent of the human race?

It seems like I only meet the same three people over and over and over again. (sigh)

If I hate NASCAR and am not into bar scenes, then literally every person I met will a) looove NASCAR and b) do shots every single night. Or if I meet someone that doesn't like NASCAR or binge drinking, then that will be the ONLY thing we have in common.

I don't know. It seems like the problem for me is that who I'm looking for basically doesn't exist.



niceguyinhell niceguyinhell
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Nice Guy, You are hilarious, a great writer and so intelligent. You are the kind of guy I'm looking for! It seems like you would have your pick of women. I too do not like Nascar or any other macho things. I'm a girl, a real girly girl, and the things I enjoy I would only have in common with other women or gay guys. My financial standards are much lower. I need a guy to have a job, have a legal car, and have his own apt. He doesn't need to own a home or have a "portfolio". But, he needs to be a good, attractive, healthy human being. I tried online dating once, and it was not fruitful. When you live in a small city in VT there are slim pickins indeed! I don't think I'm compatible with the human race either. Maybe there's someone out there for me, but will I find him or them? I suspect it's a small percentage so the odds are not in my favor. I keep meaning to join a dating site again, b/c what's the alternative? But I can't seem to muster any will to do it. Oh well. It's fun lamenting about it anyway with all of you guys!

Yes I know that what I like is not compatible with the human race but I let them find me. However I have found that people just don't read your profile description and theirs are too brief to make a description. Say they want to chat or for you to contact them and when you do you don't get a reply back. Women who post nude pictures of themselves then wonder why they get an inbox full of perverts.

Love stinks

I can relate nice guy. I don't think I'm compatible with anyone either.

Las year a good friend invited me to a nascar meet. I couldn't believe he was blokcing a specific date so far in advance. I told him I coudn't make it because I was planning a pedicure for that day

Don't ask me, I'm a little distracted. Busy watching "Inside Man" with Clive Owen. Damn his character is smart! I highly recommend this movie!

NASCAR has a surprisingly large following. I was shocked to discover that. Whenever I tell someone I'm not into NASCAR they look at me as if I just told them I was a 7th Level Scientologist or a Fundamentalist Mormon looking for my 13th wife. (FYI: Mozilla actually has "Scientology" listed in its spell-checker. For some reason I find that deeply unnerving.)

I dread dating. I'm scared to death. I think I am the only one in TN who isn't a Nascar fan...

I'm guessing the funniest part is when someone reads the ad and says<br />
" That's me!"<br />
Dear Shy Girl....

Most dating sites read more like Job Board Announcements for crisis counselors.<br />
<br />
"Desperately lonely self-cutter seeks STABLE man with high paying job to force feed me my meds. No I will not have cyber sex so don't ask!"<br />
<br />
Um, okay. Next!<br />
<br />
"Sexy White Christian seeks man with high paying job, Rolls Royce at least one speedboat (don't IM me if you don't fit the description please! Thank you!) and rock hard abs. Must be DOMINATE! I have handcuffs and know how to use them! No cyber sex!"<br />
<br />
Hmmm. Seeing a trend here. Next!<br />
<br />
"Shy girl seeks nice guy with extremely high paying job. MUST be Formula One race car driving and/or professional stunt man! If this isn't you, please don't waste my time!!! Also it's a plus if you own a hot air balloon. Don't IM me for cyber sex! I will report you creep!!!!"<br />
<br />
Well, surely the next one will be a little less, um, specific:<br />
<br />
"I am a professional woman in her 40's with 3 kids and own my own home. I don't need to be 'taken care of' so don't worry guys. I work hard and play hard to. I enjoy binge drinking every night until I black out and play in a heavy metal garage band with 2 guys I used to date and one who is the father of my daughter. If you can't deal with that then kindly move along! I'm just looking for someone to go drinking with and possibly act as a character witness in an upcoming court date. If more develops, I might be open to that too! No cyber sex!!! Leave me alone!"<br />
<br />
Oooooookay then. They all sound wonderful (eye roll)<br />
<br />
Ha ha!

I HATE Nascar tooo