For the Most Part, It Sucks!

In my lonely and desperate days, I did try online dating services. They sucked so bad! And I lost so much money that way too. I would either get the creeps or perverts on those sites. The ones who seemed decent, well... they rejected me. They either ignored my messages or replied back with, "I'm sorry, I'm not looking for anyone at this time." :-/

This is also where I met my rapist too... He was on a very popular dating site, "Lavalife"... he slipped by the rest of the creeps, because he didn't send me sexual explicit messages, like the others... I thought he was safe and agreed to meet with him. BIG MISTAKE! :-o

Well... I'm not saying that all dating services are bad. I know a few people who had met on these sites and are happily married. But, it just doesn't work for me. And these sites did hurt my self-esteem... I did wonder what was wrong with me. Why was I only getting the losers? I use to look over my profile for hours, in tears, trying to figure out what did I put on there, that gave the impression that I was looking for weirdos... Or what wasn't I putting on there to attract the few good ones?

Finally, I gave up! I stopped paying the fee and deleted all of my accounts. And I just stopped looking for anyone to date. I just got use to the idea that no one would ever want to date me and that I'll be alone for the rest of my life... romantically. I was just going to be happy with my best friends and grow old. =p

And then... on EP, I met Momo! A happy mistake! And I am glad for it. But... even if Momo decides to dump me someday, I'll still be okay. Of course, I hope he never does! But... if it happens, I can deal. As long as I still have my friends to bother. ;-)

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

Your experience is like mine except I haven't even met anyone on EP yet either and I've been on here for two years.