Date 3! Yep I had two in one day (un intended)

Well actually it wasn't a date! I just turn up at his at 12am after my ex refused to let me in.

I was a drunk drama queen who slated my skin coulour my body and looks. He tried to hug me but I was too unpredictable.

I left date 3's house when my cheating ex decided he would collect me.

He is so cute!!! Date 3 I mean! And I messed it up! Ruined my sexy sleek image by turning up 3 vodkas, a bottle of wine and extra glass of rosa heavier.

I feel the ball in his court now :/ I like to be the one in control .

Oh well maybe I don't call him for a few days to regain power!

I might just suck him and see too ;) but then my biological clock says don't! Take it serious! But maybe taking it serious isn't the way to be and fun may lead to serious?! Who knows!? What I do know is that when you fully realise the impact of actions and the path that u folds from them, sometimes you can become frozen by fearful indecisiveness, what if?

So then I just act a fool. Drink and act how I want.

Tut. I embarrass myself. But at least I have experiences to share!

Date would have bent tomorrow but in too busy
Bluesrain Bluesrain
31-35, F
Aug 17, 2014