My Only Experience With This One

Anyone who has read my posts or viewed my profile knows I can't stand underwear or panties. Well, I was on a date with a girl and after dinner we decided to go for a walk in the woods in the moonlight. It was a very romantic setting. We kissed and carressed each other laying in a grassy area under a tree. She was wearing a sheer black skirt, black panties, and a halter top (no bra). I rubbed her butt through her panties and asked her if she had ever tried going commando which she replied no, she'd never thought about it. So I reached up her skirt, pulled her panties off, and started fingering her. She got off in less than 30 seconds. Then I spread her lips with one hand, stuffed her panties in her with the other hand, and fingereher off again. She was sooo wet. We then took each other's clothes off, and I sucked her c l i t till she came all over my face. I kept sucking her untill she was almost ready to cumm again, then stopped, reached in her, and slowly pulled her panties out of her making sure they rubbed her c l i t as they came out. She went crazy and screamed as she squirted all over herself. Her warm juices ran down her legs as I burried my face between them again and brought her to the big "O" again. Needless to say the sex that happened next was nothing less than awesomely intense! I'll never forget it.
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Dammm I gotta' try that.. Sure sound like fun