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Panty Stuffing

So I've been with this guy Grey for a few months now.  He's much older than I am and much more experienced.  He also has this panty fetish.  He just loves me in panties which is weird because most of the time he wants me to run around the house nude...but when he's in the mood he asks me to put on panties LOL!

So anyway, a few days ago he asked me to start modeling all of my panties for him one by one, and he's snapping pictures of me while I'm doing it (yes i'll post them)  Then he asks me to take off one pair and try stuffing it in my *****.  Ok..sounds easy, but I'm really small and tight down there so it ended up being really hard to get it all in there.  Once most of it was in me he asked me to get on my hands and knees so he could see it dangling out of me ((BLUSHING)) 

Then after a while he asked me to try tugging them out really was such a weird feeling.  Then, when it was all out of me he made me sniff it and lick it.  He was soooo turned on by the whole thing. 

Has anyone else tried this???

alyssaboo alyssaboo 22-25 40 Responses Aug 19, 2009

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And I might just add, that if you really indulged in this, especially if it was just to entertain your partner, you are a goddess amongst women, to even just try to placate his desire, WONDERFUL!!!!! :-)

Honestly, I've never seen or experienced this other than a few **** clips, but to me it's arousing to no end, but I can't see it being erotic for the woman involved, I think. I'd personally love to see and experience it, it's sooooo sexy, but I just don't know, to have a woman's panties soaked in her juices then to experience them fully, AMAZING.... :-)

I love this, I have a huge insertion fetish anyways and it being panties just makes it even better

holy mother of god, I literally came. that sounds incredibly sexy. could i see pics?

I would love to see a picture as well huge fetish of mine

DI'd you like smell and taste of your ***** ?

No but insure would. Love a pic

yes i have done it before, but my bf asked if he could **** me while my panties were stuffed in my thight small *****

i really enjoy the same type of fetish, i enjoy having my girlfriend stuff her silk on satin panties in her *****. Sometimes so I can pull them out slowly as she loves the feeling, other times I push myself inside her so they become stuffed deeper and get extremely wet. Further to this fetish.. when i pull them out.. I love making her wear them on her face... not sure why but its an epic turn on for me :)

Girl you are a beauty, kindly friend me, want more of you in my dreams and fantasies

love your story! what an awesome chick you are!

I would love to try that with you and then will you were sucking the juice out of the panties we could find out what else would fit LOL


I would love to see!!!

i'd love to see, You look absolutely gorgeous please add me

That is really sexy- could I friend you? I'd love to see the pictures :D

Yes, I have had lovers and girlfriends do it for me for years...lots of them thought it weird till they start pulling them out after I ask them to play with themsevle an climax with them inside them and they could see how much it was turning me on so everyone of them so far have climax very hard and very loud...then I pull them you take some nudes of them and put panties in sandwich plastic bags...then print their nudes and place the pictures under the panties...if I am not to be with them and am alone for a while can take out photos and panties open the baggie and smell their womanhood as I **** off to their photos....i tell them all of this and haven't had one complaint or say no...see there are a lot of us that do this type of thing...relax, enjoy and make him happy as he does you....that's my two cents worth

please add me. i would love to see that.

My girlfriend recently let me try this with her, OH MY GOD it was an amazing experience for us both!!

Very sexy! Lucky guy by the way!

really funny & say...i wanna try this now!

This is a huge turn on for me I also have a panty fetish :P

i love to **** either nice lacey or silk panties when they are on a woman, the feeling of the cloth as you are pounding the ***** is such a hard on

My first girlfriend used to do it all the time. It turned her on as much as me. One time she left them in for a while day, we were horny all day but didn't do anything. When I took them out, they were literally dripping.

yea i did that a few times with one of my exs it was fun.

would love to be friended by you when you get the chance. <br />

i would love to see the pic of the paties dangling frm ur *****

Sounds terrific, how did you like it?

Well I suppose that we all our fetishes....but I do love a woman in panties. Thanks for sharing!

That was a great story. I think it is be hot to see a woman stick anything in her *****. I'd love to see the pictures.