Childhood Memory

When I was a younger pup a group of us decided we would use an Ouija Board and scare the crap out of one of our friends. We set up a wake up and reminder call from our phone company (in Australia we only had then telecom) for a certain time to coincide with a question which if I recall was something like would you be able to call us on the phone. It went to yes slowly (friend forced it that way) and then the phone rang. Scared the living crap out of our friend. Then the scare was on us as when we answered there was no-one there so we thought it was just the call. A minute later the phone rang again and this time it was telecom. We do not know what the first call was but that put the wind up us let me tell you. Never touched one since.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I had a weard experience the the board also.....

What an interesting experience. I started to Tarot read after I tinkered with the Ouji board.