First Experience.

I was 13 years old when I first messed with the Ouji board. I found it quite fun and amusing that it was an everyday thing for me and my friends. Of course ours was made out of paper and we used a quarter. Whenever it came to spirits you're supposed to have some kind of protection with you. My friends and I never did that. There are times where I regret messing with it because every now and then I'll see a a figure quickly pass by in my room or sometimes I'll have frightening nightmares that become very physical and realistic. I always end up getting those dreams where I become paralyzed and I can't move or scream. I'm not really sure if the ouji board could be causing this, but I do know that it can open doors allowing evil spirits to enter into this world of ours. Now that I'm older... The board sounds pretty dumb to mess with now.
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Neve burn it ,even if it's paper.You may have burned the board or paper,but that's not gone close the portal

Here's the thing.You should have never messed with that.Now the evil spirits know what you and your friends have done.Once you tap into that world,they do not leave you a lone like that.You need to get into church,now check this out,it may make angry.


Yeah I heard of that. I never burned the paper board. I just threw it away or I kept them. I wasn't really bothered by spirits as much as other people. I knew what I was getting myself into.

Out of curiosity, why is it that you don't you burn it? I have a paper, home made board myself... :0

It can come back and haunt you... Something like that. I just know if you burn one you buy from the store, it'll come back. I've just thrown mine away or my friend kept it.

Oh I see. I thought it was more like it pissed of the spirits or something. xD

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