New To Me.

I have just bought a ouija board and taken all the protection I can think of;
Using a white candle,a crucifix,a bowl of salt,a small glass of water,using a incense stick and saying a prayer of protection and to communicate with kind,gentle spirits. Evil entities are not welcome at all.
I had no response at all,not even a twitch. I tried to meditate and try and communicate mentally,but nothing..
Im at a loss,is it because Im new,how many attempts do I need before contact is made and how long per session can you wait.??
Are there any real concrete rules when using a board??
Any sound advice will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

cassiesmum cassiesmum
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

The Ouija works better with 2 or more people. Preferably a male and a female.

you said you used a cross that might have something to do with it, you will contact "evil" demons the majority of the time. From my experience some spirits cant operate on the Ouija board while a cross is present.

Cassi, first question you should be asking yourself is : for what purpose are you using the board ?
After replying to that question, everything else shall fall into place .