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How I Nearly Died

It was a sunday night and I was already in a psych hospital and I was in that mood,I just wanted to die!I went into my room(Which my roommate was not in at the time).The plan was in place in my head,I was going to strangle myself.So I the pillow case and started tarring it, I tore just enough to tie around my neck.But just as I was about to do this my roommate walked in.So,I pretended like I was going to take a shower and went into the bathroom and turned on the water.Then I sat down and tied the sheet around my neck.I must have black out because the next thing I remember is hearing one of the staff's voices but noting seeing then.I soon came to and saw that same staff waving back and forth in my face,but they weren't moving once I had fully come to.
Nicci12 Nicci12 18-21, F Apr 26, 2012

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