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I Just Got Out Of The Psych Ward...

...because I tried killing myself last Saturday. I took 3 different bottles of prescription drugs...

Now, that I survived I realize I'm meant to be for a reason.
What that reason is, I haven't a damn clue, I suppose maybe 1 day I'll figure it out....maybe !!!
wicked2bme wicked2bme 41-45, F 2 Responses Apr 30, 2012

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Ok, so you are feeling like **** today...but you are feeling, you are alive to let us know that. We are all here for some reason, or many reasons. We have the ability to reach out with a hand to someone who may need it. In my opinion, thats what we are here for. I want to personally thank you for being here, we need all the helping hands we can get.

Hopefully you're still in that better place now.