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An Extraordinary Woman

I have managed to block out all the unpleasant memory's throughout my life right up until yesterday, I had left school because I was so upset and the teachers kept asking what was wrong, I brushed it off with the excuse of a headcold, tierd, and having a bad day. I got home where I cryed and selfharmed for the remainder of the day. Than I seen a woman in my facebook feed, I had envied her for a while and I felt to hopeless to talk to anyone else so I messaged her asking how she had became perfect, she replayed that she wasn't and that I made her day and she was there if I needed to talk. I wasn't sure about it all so I waited a while. I didnt really know how to open up to her but I knew if I didn't talk to her there would be no one else. So I did, I told her everything. I told her my family issues, my self harming, my bad childhood, and the abuse that happened when I was younger. It hurt alot because all the memorys flooded back at me in a river, and actual rivers flowed from my eyes. Than this women opened up to me and I felt a trust for the first time in a long time. She told me how much she cared and it brought a warmth to my life. She made me smile in my time of grief and it felt amazing. I never quite gotten around to telling her how I had plans of killing myself before we talked, but I know I'm loved now. She taught me an important lesson and I hope she is arround for a long time! Remember, just a smile can save a life! <3
Nevereverperfect Nevereverperfect 13-15, F 1 Response Sep 25, 2012

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Nice story sweetheart, I hope you are much better now, you have your whole life ahead of you...:)

Thanks :)

I am doing quite fine now, and I realize how much I have ahead of me. I have lost this woman already but I realized she wasn't the key to me being happy it was everything she taught me. I miss her dearly and want to make it up to her but I fear ill never have the change. Wish she could read this story.

It's ok sweetie, just know that you have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be. There are adults at your school that want to help you, you just have to find out who they are. I know that's not easy, and it can be a little scary, but trust your gut and you will find them.