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I'm Scared

And I really don't want to die. At least I think I don't want to die. But earlier today, I tried to stab myself. I kept begging mom to stop saying the stuff she was saying to me over the phone kept saying stop please stop I'm depressed anyway and trying very hard to hold on to life and she wouldn't stop so I picked up the knife and kept stabbing myself.

She hates me. I am the problem . I am her problem child. they all hate me. What do I do?
An Ep User An EP User 1 Response Jan 20, 2013

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OMG.... Im going through depression as well and about 3 weeks ago had my mother on the phone ridiculing me. I tried for her to stop but she wouldnt. So I screamed and hung up. Havent talked to her since. I made the decision to love myself although she wouldnt show it to me. I have bad days but I make up for it when I find a least a few minutes a day to find something that makes me happy. Music, funny movies etc...anything that will left my spirits. I plan to call her back because she is my mother. Try to find positive things and words to fullfill your life. Learning a new trade or whatever it is. Everyone is different and has their own pace. Please dont be discouraged. Your not alone. And now I know Im not because you posted this. Thank you.