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"Horrible Night"

One, two, three .... no, these were many. different tablets just before me.and a glass of hands were shaking.tears were wetting my face.there was a deep silence in the one was there.there were many things flashing in my mind but i was determined to do this.
in the meantime,the phone rang..i received the phone.there was my best friend on call,who loves me very much.i tried to keep things normal.i talked quietly.but she felt the shiver in my voice.she felt there must be something wrong with me.she asked me but i couldnot tell her. but she didnt let me go.i just said that im gonna die and disconnected the phone.
she called me again and again but i was like i couldnot hear it anymore i came back and just ate all that .then i drank a lot of water and sat quietly on the couch.
i was blank and i was waiting for my friend was continuously calling me. i received the call, she snupped me, scolded me, yelled at me, and she was literally crying.she couldnt come to me but she was begging and saying just dont do it. during this call, i felt my head burdened with heavy loads and there was a wave of terror in my body.
i felt sick and i was shivering badly.i was not able to speak any word..but i could hear her voice.i just fell down on the floor and lost my senses.
________________________time passed in hospital in severe pain.but i was still alive.everyone was shocked at this.and i was not in a condition to explain this.i can never forget all that. never.
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I'm glad you're alive, though you may not believe me because I don't know you and it's a overused told to suicide surviviors, but I mean that. You must mean a lot to that friend, that's why he/she tried so many times to make sure you were okay and alive. You must have affected them in many positive ways to become there best friend, and you're still able to be in their life to this day. If you're ever feeling that lost and numb again, I'm here for open-minded support.